Job, family, hobby: there is often little time left for household chores. A housekeeper can help keep the apartment or house clean. But how do we choose a reliable housekeeper? A good idea would be to read house cleaning service reviews.

The housekeeper takes care of many activities that are to be carried out in a private family home, alone or assisted by other housekeepers. Many tasks that are generally performed in a private home can be part of a housekeeper’s job.

What does a housekeeper help us with?

Wiping the dust once a week, cleaning the bathroom, or even ironing it: home help is a blessing. The housekeeper manages:

  • the daily cleaning of all or part of the house
  • arranging and preparing bedrooms
  • cleaning the kitchen and all or part of the appliances present, such as the refrigerator, electric or gas stove, oven, cupboards, and wall units, table, and, in general, kitchen furniture.
  • also assists with small domestic needs, such as cleaning balconies, terraces, loggias
  • she takes care to keep the exterior and interior windows and doors clean, taking care of the cleaning of each glass surface that is part of them.

Naturally, part of his duties is also cleaning all the furniture that is part of the furniture of the family home, the furniture, and equipment, all their contents. It also handles washing in the washing machine or by hand, if necessary. From the tablecloths used during the administration of the meals to what is used for the bedrooms, as well as everything that is part of the clothing of each member of the family.

How do we choose a reliable housekeeper?

If you want to hire a housekeeper directly, we will give you valuable recruitment tips.

Recommendations and reviews

Online reviews of recommended home help can often be found among friends or acquaintances. Often, the most reliable cleaning products can be found through private recommendations. They like to do a good job because they do not want to disappoint the acquaintances who made that recommendation.

It is also possible to find home help using an internet search. It is important to always ask for references and experience when a housekeeper is found. This makes it easier to assess if you are dealing with a trusted person.

In a short interview, you can find out who the previous employers were, what qualifications they have, and what is especially important when cleaning.

Online platforms and cleaning services

If you can’t find a suitable housekeeper, you can turn to a cleaning company. This ensures quality and confidentiality. You don’t have to worry about professionalism or other such issues.

It takes more than cleaning knowledge

Good domestic help must be responsible, reliable, independent, trustworthy, and flexible. These skills are often not taken into account but are essential for a good job. The housekeeper works at home, so data protection and trust are very important. You need to be aware that you need to keep your keys secure, no one is guaranteeing access, and that you need to protect your privacy.

Domestic help must also be organized to coordinate your work with other clients, and it must also be reliable and organized, meet deadlines. At the same time, however, it must also be independent and flexible, because in the household, even if the specifications remain the same, the effort is not always the same and you may have more laundry after the holiday and you are happy that this is done. Therefore, the cleaning agent must adapt.