Working With the Gift of Prophecy

Prophecy is fit as a fiddle today. It is accessible for the group of Christ and the Holy Spirit couldn’t want anything more than to favor you with the endowment of prophecy. It is amusing to work with the endowment of prophecy. Genuinely it is progressively honored to offer at that point to get.


The endowment of prophecy is an astounding blessing, really it is three presents in one. The Word of learning, the word of knowledge and the endowment of prophecy. Being able to approach an outsider in the road in prophetic evangelism and prediction over them is simply something that must be experienced.


Prophecy is an extremely reassuring blessing to have. Bringing the very words of God, from His heart to an individual’s heart is request personal prophetic word  a huge thing to have the option to do. At the point when we forecast we impart a unique message structure God to an individual that He cherishes. God wants to address His kin, however not all individuals, even Christians tragically can get notification from Him. An individual with the endowment of prophecy can connect that hole. An individual with the endowment of prophecy can progressively, at the perfect time get a productive word season to someone else that supports them and enlightens them. The Apostle Paul wanted that all individuals had the endowment of prophecy. He said that we ought to pine for the endowment of prophecy? Do you have the blessing? OK like it? I could appeal to God for you to get it by confidence and be accessible for you to test it out on.


God knows all things

A week ago I was sitting in chapel and God put a prophetic word on my heart for a woman at chapel. I got up and revealed to her the prophecy and she was extraordinarily honored. At that point five minutes after the fact God put another prophetic word on my heart for a youthful wedded couple in my congregation and I had the option to proceed to prediction to them. Their prophecy included things about their forthcoming year and things about their calling and what mantle God had put on their life. This prophecy was an affirming prophecy in their life and brought them extraordinary euphoria like any affirmation to what God has just let you know does to you.


With prophecy we should be responsible. The individuals we prediction to need to have an inward observer in their spirits that the prophecy is right. We are additionally not to get personal with a prophecy and not include or detract from what the Lord says to our spirits however are steadfastly to convey it. Now and then the Lord may give us a dream or picture and a depiction of what that image implies and that turns out to be a piece of the prophecy. These photos can be exceptionally ground-breaking pictures to the listener to the prophecy. It is significant not exclusively to get the image right yet additionally look out for the Lord for the clarification of what the image implies without utilizing our won personalities to attempt to work it out, which could do harm.


Having the endowment of prophecy has made me a cheerful man. The delight I have brought to numerous individuals is difficult to clarify. The blessing is an exceptional blessing and it favors the supplier as much as the individual that gets it. Jesus said it was increasingly honored to offer at that point to get and when we are discussing the endowment of prophecy I can’t concur all the more emphatically.


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